Automatically update cross references within document


Select the whole document (Ctrl-A) and update the Fields (F9).


Switching to Print Preview and back will refresh the view.


Alternatively, you can set the option to update fields before printing:

In Word 2007, click the Office button -> Word Options ->In the Display category, select "Update fields before printing.


Print Preview works for REF fields even if you don't select the option to update fields at print.


You can search for REF (cross-reference) fields if you first display field codes (press Alt+F9 to show/hide field codes). In the Find and Replace dialog box, you can use ^d REF for "Find what”.


Any cross-reference that points to a non-existing bookmark will show the error message

"Error! Reference source not found".

The bookmark needs to be updated with a new reference or deleted.

All identical cross-references need the same change, toggle all field codes (Alt+F9). You can then use Find and Replace (Ctrl+H) to search for the old bookmark name and replace it with the new one.

Update fields (CTRL + A then F9).