Formatting, editing, proofreading and document conversion

Formatting, editing, proofreading and document conversion services provided at reasonable rates and quick turnaround times. 15 years publishing experience. MS Word & Excel expert. 
* Advanced formatting: Word, Excel, PDF forms including formatting workshops (MS Word 2003 - 2010). Problematic documents are welcomed.

* Editorial and proofreading support for businesses, training departments, students as well as personal assistance. 

* Template provision: Templates created in MS Word format for all office documents. Templates include Table of Contents, multiple sections, chapters, annexes and page numbering. Templates can be locked down with password protection to deter the import of foreign styles that can cause corruption. 

* Document conversion: Conversion of legacy data (Word, PDF, SGML, XML, Publisher, eBook, ePub). 

* Transcription services: Direct transcribing including, but limited to, reports, letters and meeting minutes. 

* Data entry services available.

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Time is Money